I Wanna Be Your Toy

by The Micronauts



First released on 12” vinyl (Micronautics, TIC02, 56295)
Press release & review (English, French, Spanish): j.mp/HsWSb9


released October 25, 2004

Composed, produced and programmed by Christophe Monier (aka The Micronauts) at Âtelier de Musique Electronique, Paris XIX, except “I Wanna Be Your Toy” composed, produced and programmed by Gauthier Keyaerts (aka Mash’ta) and Christophe Monier (copyright control).

“I Wanna Be Your Toy” is a four parts continuous piece of music: “I Wanna Be Yours Pt. 1” 4:36, “I Wanna Be Yours Pt. 2” 6:09, “I Wanna Be Yours Pt. 3” 2:45, “I Wanna Be Your Toy” 1:52

“Bootleg Sex” includes vocals and music from “Sex Me (Part I)” and “Sex Me (Part II)” by R. Kelly, appearing on the album “12 Play” (Jive 1993)

Drawings by Emmanuelle Mafille emmamafille.blogspot.com

P & C 2004 Christophe Monier, except “I Wanna Be Your Toy”
P 2004 Gauthier Keyaerts and Christophe Monier, “Bootleg Sex”
P 2002 Christophe Monier



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Micronauts Featuring Mash'ta - I Wanna Be Your Toy
Taste my, taste my
I wanna be yours
Track Name: High Rye
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