Hoochie Coochie Remixed

by The Micronauts & Bosco

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Press release, charts & DJ feedback (English): j.mp/JRUl5j
Press review (English, Spanish, French): j.mp/RuwBas

Communiqué de presse, charts & retours DJ (français) : j.mp/JLnxxw
Revue de presse (anglais, espagnol, français) : j.mp/RuwBas


released June 11, 2012

Composed and produced by Bosco (Stéphane Bodin and François Marché) and The Micronauts (Christophe Monier). Lyrics written by Stéphane Bodin and François Marché. Vocals by François Marché. Mastered by Christophe Monier at Âtelier de Musique Electronique, Paris XIX. Copyright Control.

1 • Addtitional production, programmation and remix by D-R-U-N-K (Oly Grasset)—“Thanks to Candy Boxx for putting up with my shit.”
2 • Additional production, programmation and remix by Dew Town Mayor (Thomas Regnault).
3 • Additional production, programmation and remix by Crash Override (Andres Komatsu).
4 • Additional production, programmation and remix by Error 404 (Mickaël “DJ Make” Guido & Thomas “Kim.Ono” Lemoine).

Simon Buicanges picture taken from the music video directed by Sébastien Desmedt and Thomas Lemoine. The Micronauts font customized by M/M (Paris). Bosco font designed by Sylvia Tournerie. Porcelain font designed by Eduardo Recife, Misprinted Type.

P 2012 Stéphane Bodin, François Marché and Christophe Monier
C 2012 Micronautics • TIC08



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hoochie Coochie (D-R-U-N-K Remix)
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Hoochie Coochie
Down in the basement
I'm looking for some love
Do the hoochie coochie dance
For my hoochie coochie face